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ACGA is working alongside the sixteen other cotton producing states to maintain a strong sustainable National Political Action Committee (PAC) known as NCC's Committee for the Advancement of Cotton (CAC).

Our CAC State Chairman, Michael Brooks, has launched a letter campaign to assist our state reach our 2023 $13,000 goal.

According to CNBC "The 2024 election cycle is expected to be the most expensive of all time for political ad spending, totaling $10.2 billion across all media, according to new projections. That figure would exceed by more than $1 billion the current record, which was set during the 2020 election cycle when then-President Donald Trump lost his reelection bid to Joe Biden." It will be extremely important to have a strong PAC advocating for the cotton industry.

Click here to download more information on how you can help Arizona reach our goal, and contribute to the Committee for the Advancement of Cotton.

The Arizona Cotton Growers Political Action Committee (ACGPAC),sponsored by the Arizona Cotton Growers Association. Please consider also contributing to the state PAC, your contribution will go towards supporting candidates, who are prepared to become our partner, prioritizing and actively advocating for Arizona agriculture and the free enterprise system.

Arizonans should brace themselves to be inundated with campaign advertising between now and the November 2024 election. As a “swing” state Arizona projected to lead U.S. in 2024 campaign spending, and it will be imperative to have essential funds to ensure that we have legislators who will address the concerns and needs of the Arizona cotton industry.

Questions about our PAC? Contact Jadee at (602) 437-1344

+1 531 800 734

1710 W. Ranch Rd., Ste. 201,

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(602) 437-1344